Webinar och utbildningar

Lung ultrasound in the COVID era.

During this one hour webinar, Pr Bouchez from Gendt in Belgium shares his experience of lung ultrasound on COVID Patients. Based on international grade hospital experience the ultrasound information is compared with clinical and CT scan outputs. During this webinar you will learn what are the particularities of lung ultrasound patterns.

Initiation to Point Of Care Ultrasound in General Practice – Abdominal Ultrasound

In one hour, Dr. Picard introduces us to the practice of abdominal ultrasound in general medicine:

– The basics of ultrasound and the handling of the probe.

– What images to make?

– Frequent use of abdominal ultrasound in general medicine.

 – Live demonstration of different sections: kidneys, bladder, liver, pancreas etc.”



U-Lite är ett litet portabelt ultraljud med nästan samma funktioner och bildkvalitet som ett större ultraljud.


Ett portabelt ultraljud med en tydlig 10″ skärm